We all want to be happy and we think that the only way to be happy is by having fun. It is regarded as a good therapy for healthy living. Health and social workers have always recommended that we should create time for fun and pleasure. Nothing is wrong in having fun and pleasure. What is wrong is putting fun and pleasure before God. Another big question is, what are the things that give you fun or pleasure? Some derive fun from watching movies or TV. Some derive fun from gambling. Others derive fun from window shopping. Some people take drinking as fun and others derive fun from drug and sexual promiscuity. To some people, traveling is fun. Some people derive fun from fishing or hunting, while others derive fun from reading or singing.

            My focus here is not to classify fun into categories of moral fun and immoral fun. Even moral fun can become sinful the moment it begins to draw our attention away from God. As a pastor, I have seen many people over the years that would not come to church because they had to go somewhere for fun. Also, there are those who would come late to the church service and would leave very early on the excuse that they have appointment to honor with somebody or a movie to watch or a date with somebody. I have learnt my lesson never to preach a long sermon on a super Bowl Sunday. Seven years ago on a Sunday, I was still preaching when almost two third of the congregation took their Bible and left the church. After the church service, I asked what was going on, my son said, “today is Super Bowl Sunday. They are going homes to watch it on TV”.  The stark reality today is that if it comes to choice between fun and God for most people in the church, they will choose fun.

            Because of the reason stated above, most churches in order to catch the attention of these fun lovers have turned their churches to fun arena. The worldly music had been modified and adapted for praise and worship. Dance drama had been adapted for praise and worship. Dance drama had been adapted for church programs. Summer cook out the trips or cruise are such things to bring fun to the church. All these things are good as long as they do not make us to lose focus of God. In most of these churches, true worship has been swallowed up by fun. Lyrics and wordings of songs have been overshadowed by heavy musical percussions. Therefore, the rhythm and the tune are what turn them on. The wordings of the songs have no effect on them. I have seen some churches’ advertisement that the basis of inviting people to their services is fun. I mean the issue of fun was given more emphasis than worship and having a definite encounter with Jesus.

            Fun is like dope. Gradually, we must increase the dose with more excitement and thrill, with more sensation until our passion for God is swallowed by our passion for more doses. This is the stage of addiction. When you get to this stage, it is ready to destroy you because the god of fame, god of fun is a god that destroys its worshippers. Many people have been destroyed by gambling. Many have been destroyed by drinking or by sexual promiscuity. Some have been destroyed by drugs. Many have died in swimming or skating. Most of the things that give us fun can also destroy us most especially if they suddenly become the god we worship.

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