Time to come out

By. Rev. Ben Eragbai

Many have gone into hiding because of a lot of things they cannot face. Why do people go into hiding?

  1. Shame

As you read through this message, prayerfully, I want you to know that God did not create shame. It is not part of the original thing. In Genesis, the account has it that , Adam and his wife were naked, yet they were not ashamed but in chapter 3 the story changed ”but Adam heard the voice of the Lord, he went to hide but the Lord appeared to him where He used to appear to him. Where does the lord appear to you? And God asked “Adam where are you?” and he answered “ lord I heard your voice and I hid myself”. There are many that are reading this message and are hiding from this same voice today. The Lord asked Adam “who told you, you were naked?” life is a choice, what you hear can clothe you and what you hear can make you naked.

It was after that episode that God placed embargo on certain things but He did not curse Adam because He had already blessed Him. Rather, he cursed the ground. As you read this message pause a while and take this prayer.

“Every curse against me is nullified in the name of Jesus”

In the case of Adam when God curse the ground in verse 8, He said “but” it means the story is about to change. “but” is the only reversal. Though the ground was cursed, God provided the field where Adam would eat throughout his days. Every man needs to locate his field.

Read the story of David, a man skillful in playing musical instruments, full of wisdom and mighty in power. Sometimes, he was in the bush and no one heard his music until the day someone said “There is the son of Jesse”, the king sent for him. So long as you are reading this message with understanding, soon someone will send for you.

Joseph was interpreting dreams but no one attached importance to him, until his name was mentioned, he did not come out of his situation. Never allow your situation to judge your destination. Soon all these will be over and God will take the glory.

Gideon was a mighty man yet with all the anointing, he was hiding in a cave because the medianites that killed his parents were coming for him and he was hiding. No one ever wins a battle by hiding. No one ever becomes a winner until he has gone through a battle. So there is one battle or the other we must fight. The battle we are talking about is not far from us. Sometimes in your mind there is a battle going on. At times you pray for a breakthrough you see accusation, hatred, disdain treatment and a lot of uncomfortable situation. Do not quit but hang on because you are coming out.

However, you must be ready to come out. God is always ready. It is we humans that delay.

  • People go into hiding because of unusual criticism

Somebody said when they are criticizing you it means you will soon increase in size. People will always talk about you. You only owe yourself a duty. What ever you want to do, do it well do not stay in between.

The lord said we should occupy till he comes. Do not allow strange things take over, stay strong till He comes.

  •  People hide when they feel their problem is bigger than them.

Yes their problem can be bigger than them but not bigger than God. The size, or name, or shape that we give to our problems is the shape it will take. The truth is that God of old is the same today and will never fail. He is a specialist in healing the sick, turning situations around, making the poor to be rich and empowering the weak. The knowledge of that God will set you free.

  • People hide when they feel they can no longer achieve their desired goal.

They feel inferior among their mates. You maybe down today  but that cannot be forever. Look unto where help can be found.

The psalmist writes “I will lift up my eyes to the hills from whence cometh my help, my help cometh from the lord which made the heavens and the earth” psalm 127.

Use what your enemies say to move higher. Your greatness lies in you and nothing can take it away from you except your ignorance. Ignorance can kill. Once you step out of your ignorance, you are stepping into your palace because if you do not know where you are you can locate where you are going to. When Apostle Paul and Silas were in the prison they did not speak the language of prisoners. While prisoners were crying, they were singing because they knew they did not belong there. They knew who they were so they refused to condescend to the level of the prisoners

 You must conceive of what you want to be. Of course, as you are reading this article there maybe elements of doubt. The spirit of God leads me to know that as you are reading this article there maybe articles of doubt. The spirit of God leads me to know that as you are reading this message to free yourself, something also vows not to allow you to come out. I encourage you to pray aggressively that you are coming out in Jesus name, nothing should hold you back.

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